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Toy Doll Manufacturing In India

Of all the toy categories, Dolls are one of the most timeless. Children have played with Dolls for centuries, and today Dolls are one of the best selling categories of toys.

In manufacturing terms though, Dolls are one of the more challenging products to produce because of three distinctive elements which make things more complicated and rely on a broader range of materials, processes and capabilities versus most other types of toys.

For Dolls, the heads are typically roto-moulded, whereas injection moulding is the primary process for toy manufacturing (with some blow moulding also). Fewer toy factories have capability for roto-moulding. Dolls also need clothing, which requires expertise in fabrics. Additionally, many products in this category come with rooted hair, which in itself is a challenging area to deliver hair that is robust in quality and as lifelike as possible.

Therefore the production of Dolls takes a number of specialist competencies which can be quite hard to find. Whereas a factory producing injection moulding for other industries can be converted to producing toys fairly easily (albeit with a learning curve in terms of certifications and compliances), a factory manufacturing toy Dolls is rarer and more specialised.

For this reason it can be quite difficult to find good factories manufacturing Dolls. Of course in China, over decades a number of factories have developed this expertise, in fact our company works with one of the leading manufacturers of really high end premium fashion Dolls with incredible realism and high quality clothing. But as the toy industry seeks to diversify some toy production outside of China, it is harder to find good quality Doll production.

Our company works with a very strong factory group in India who have long term experience of producing Dolls to good standards. In fact, this factory has produced one of the longest selling most established fashion Doll brands in high quantities with consistent quality and competitive pricing.

While there has been a big rise in factories in India who can produce standard plastic toys over the last 5 years, Doll production remains a specialised competency and while there is big growth ahead for the Indian toy manufacturing sector, Doll production remains the vestige of specialised factories and specialised supply chains.

Our company helps toy and games companies find manufacturing in India. If you are looking for toy Doll manufacturing in India, or other product categories, please feel free to get in touch. Our network of toy company clients includes over 5,000 companies across the world, and we have brought some of the biggest and best toy companies to India for toy production. For more information on our company and team, please click here:


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