Indian Toy Manufacturing - 5 Ways To Get The Best Out Of Your Factories

India's toy manufacturing sector is fast growing right now, with most of the world's largest toy companies having set up manufacturing of some kind and to some extent in India. Hasbro and Spin Master have publicly stated that they plan to have no more than 50% of their manufacturing outside China in the near future, and both Vietnam and India are already major beneficiaries of this strategic sourcing shift. We have extensive experience of helping clients to find manufacturing for toys within India. As such, we have learnt from hard experience there are a number of things which are different about India's business culture and as such a different approach can help to ensure smooth running, cos

India's Toy Factories Benefit From India's Automotive Manufacturing Sector

Many of the established export toy factories in India come from an automotive background. One of the strongest origin stories of Indian toy factories is a company meeting really high standards of engineering and quality to the level required by the automotive industry switching over to manufacturing mass market toys for major toy companies like Hasbro, Spin Master & Mattel. So many of today's cars have interiors largely made of injection moulded or blow moulded plastic. With India manufacturing around 25 million cars each year there is a very significant domain expertise in plastics in India as well as an existing supply chain. For toy companies, we can take some comfort from a factory trust

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