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Indian Toy Manufacturing Is Open For Business

Despite the coronavirus pandemic currently gripping the world, Indian toy manufacturing is very much open for business. We have seen significant movement of production out of China and into India in 2020, even with the pandemic in full flow.

While some factories have had some staff off ill due to coronavirus, that is not uncommon in India, a country where the plague is still a sad reality. In terms of toy production output, the pandemic has had limited impact on yearly production expectations. There was a shutdown during the national lockdown instigated by Prime Minister Modi, but nevertheless due to rising demand and hard working factory management and staff we are seeing output hardly affected overall on an annual basis.

Within India we work with factories who can produce any of the following types of toys: action figures, dolls, board games, card games and puzzles, preschool toys and increasingly some electronic toys.

India's current capability for toy manufacturing tends to lean towards higher volume production, but capability and capacity across the country is growing.

In these uncertain times, we are advising our clients to mitigate supply chain risk by sourcing from multiple locations, with India one of the main beneficiaries.

Please feel free to drop us a line for more information, or to get quotes from leading toy factories in India...


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