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Indian Plush Toy Manufacturing

India is a growing force in toy manufacturing. With the vast automotive sector contributing to huge domain knowledge, capability and capacity in plastics, India's toy manufacturing is set to grow exponentially over the next few years.

India though is not just about plastic toys - there are some really strong plush toy factories in India. Compared with plastic toy production which is very much a science and engineering lead discipline, soft toy manufacturing is often described as being more of an art! The attention to detail, large emphasis on staff training and sewing technique make plush toy factories quite unique.

Many people expect India to have a vast array of plush toy facilities due to the strength of the textile/clothing industry, especially in the East of the country near to Bangladesh. However, while there are many clothing factories, most toy companies struggle to find good soft toy vendors in India.

The reality is that India has a limited number of suppliers in this area, but among the few vendors are some real superstars, delivering better quality than many Chinese plush factories and significantly lower costs. While we can't guarantee cost savings on every line, in general we find quotes from our chosen partners in India for plush toys tend to be 10-15% cheaper, with an almost unheard of record quote of 30% lower than the customers previous vendor!

Again just to reiterate this is not cheap and nasty production, we only work with plush vendors who offer at least the same, but usually better quality versus the average Chinese soft toy factory. Our vendors have ICTI, Walmart FCCA & other critical toy industry certifications for toy factories. In general, Indian factories tend to breeze through such audits due to local labor regulations being more protective of the worker vs China.

We're supplying some of the most renowned plush toy companies in the UK, USA, Europe and beyond, and growing the number of companies sourcing from our vendors.

For more information, please feel free to get in touch via the Contact Us link at the bottom of our home page.

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