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Your Gateway To Indian Toy Manufacturing


Factory Introductions

We introduce toy companies to the best toy factories in India. We're working with the most trusted Indian manufacturers. Our factory partners routinely have ICTI, Disney FAMA, Walmart FCCA, GSV & other certifications.

Factory Representation

We act as consultants & sales reps to many of the leading Indian toy factories. We deliver high levels of incremental revenue. Our contacts across the global toy industry are extensive, with over 4,700 toy companies on our database.

Toy Development

We offer full product development support including engineering services, CAD, logistics and QA support. We aid clients in getting from concept to finshed product at competitive cost and with minimum stress.


Lead by well known toy industry veteran

Steve Reece, our team has worked extensively across the global toy business in sales, marketing, market research, commercial management, licensing and manufacturing. We have worked in the USA, UK, Europe, India, Hong Kong and Australia. Our highly experienced team on the ground in India have extensive experience of manufacturing, engineering and related disciplines. We have strong working relationships with buyers, purchasing managers and toy company owners around the world. We also work very closely with our factories to ensure compliance, cost savings and reliable delivery.

Streamlined Sourcing

Reliable lower cost factories

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"To date, our factories have saved toy companies in excess of $4m."


Head Office - UK

PO Box 243, Buerton Municipal Buildings, Buerton, Cheshire, CW3 0BA


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We work with tried and tested toy factories across India. Categories we cover include plastic and electronic toys, plush, wooden toys, board games and puzzle and other related products. All our factories are certified and audited & approved by major toy companies/brand owners. Indian toy factories tend to be audit friendly in general, as there are no dorms and overtime and other working conditions are heavily regulated by the authorities offering significant protection to the workers, beyond that found in other major toy producing countries.

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